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Songs of Insurrection Read-Along

Come join in a read-along of Songs of Insurrection March 12 through March 28. Read at your own pace, and follow the discussion in the Facebook Event and JC’s Twitter. Discussion topics will follow 3 chapters a day, but you can chime in whenever you want!JC will tell you the inspiration for scenes, wordlbuilding aspects, …

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New Songs of Insurrection Pre-Order Gifts!

EDIT: This offer now extends to Audible listeners! I need pre-orders for the eBook and downloads of the Audiobook of the new edition of Songs of Insurrection. Therefore, if you pre-order before March 12 for the discounted price of just $2.99, email me a screencap of your receipt to, and I’ll send you a …

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I’m Upping My Social Media Game

Isn’t this pic so cool?  I’ve spent the last several days learning more about Instagram .. and *gasp*, Tik Tok . Please follow me and LIKE/Comment! JC Kang Instagram(where I posted a funny story about my kids and Temptress of Fates). JC Kang Tik Tok(where I’ve posted my first book trailer for Scions of the …

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My Kickstarter! Audiobooks for just $10, Hardbacks starting at $20!

I’m raising funds to produce the audiobooks for the Dragon Songs Saga. Come check out my Kickstarter before it ends on Nov 9, 2020!

Scions of the Black Lotus: Tales of the Floating World is LIVE!

The entire six-installment series is now available as one product, just 99c for a limited time. Includes two bonus stories and exclusive first-look artwork. Pick it up on Amazon now!

Where To Start

There are five entry points into the Legends of Tivara, listed here chronologically on the world’s timeline: Thorn of the Night Blossom is Part 1 of the Scions of the Black Lotus series. It is shorter, serialized fiction, which takes place 10 years before the core stories. It follows Jie when the half-elf spy is …

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The Dragon Songs Saga Bundle Is 2 Years old!

Lunar New Year Sale!

In celebration of Chinese New Year, I’m offering all of my single books for 99c/p in the US/UK from 1/22-28. In addition, Thorn of the Night Blossoms is FREE 1/22-26. Click on the images below to go to their Amazon pages. Scions of the Black Lotus (Complete Novella Series) Dragon Songs Saga (Complete Novel Series) …

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Crown of the Sundered Empire is LIVE!

The demon in Tomas’ glass eye can save his village. It might cost him his soul. In a broken land where conquerors dream of empires, Tomas dreams of a day when the townsfolk won’t taunt him. After all, he’s the fishing village kid with a misshapen face. Only the Rune vendor’s daughter treats him well. …

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Gen Con 2019

I just got back from Gen Con, which is probably one of the largest gaming conventions in the US. Upward of 70k people attended, and the size of the exhibition hall was easily 10x larger than any other con I’ve been to. Regrettably, I didn’t bring many books to sell, yet managed to secure several …

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