Where To Start

There are five entry points into the Legends of Tivara, listed here chronologically on the world’s timeline:

Thorn of the Night Blossom is Part 1 of the Scions of the Black Lotus series. It is shorter, serialized fiction, which takes place 10 years before the core stories. It follows Jie when the half-elf spy is a courtesan-in training in the elite Floating World. It’s darker in tone compared to the others.

Prelude to Insurrection also stars Jie, which you can either BUY or DOWNLOAD via Bookfunnel. It is a prequel to any of the core series, though it directly sets up:

Songs of Insurrection, Book 1 of the Dragon Songs Saga. It follows Kaiya, an awkward princess with the perfect voice to evoke the lost magic of Dragon Songs. In a secondary arc, Jie uncovers a conspiracy. It’s Heroic, Coming-of-Age fantasy.

Masters of Deception, Book 1 of the Dragonstones Chronicles, explores the pyramids and forms of magic in Tivara. On a mission to root out a traitor, Jie meets with a Diviner, Sorceress, and Paladin. Even though they all have sometimes-conflicting agendas, they must work together to protect a dragonstone. Lots of magic.

Crown of the Sundered Empire, Book 1 of Heirs to the Sundered Empire. It follows the conflict between the Bovyans, a race of men descended from the mortal son of the Sun God, and they Eldaeri, the Sun God’s Chosen People. Of course, Jie figures prominently in it. It’s a combination of Military Fantasy and Coming-of-Age Fantasy.

My Recommended Reading Order

If you don’t have a particular preference with sub-genre, here’s the way I recommend following the stories:

Prelude to Insurrection
Songs of Insurrection
Masters of Deception
Crown of the Sundered Empire
Orchestra of Treacheries
Dances of Deception
Symphony of Fates
Thorn of the Night Blossoms
White Sheep of the Family
Wretches of the Trench
Temptress of Fate
Last Heir of the North
Last Bloom of the Jade Lotus

Dragon Charmer’s Apprentice is LIVE, get a free print if you order in October

The Dragon Charmer’s Apprentice went live today! It follows the first Dragon Charmer, who is mentioned many times in The Dragon Songs Saga as Kaiya’s idol…. however, the true story is not what the world believes.

Order this month, send me a screencap of the receipt, and I’ll send you a 5×7 double-sided print featuring the cover art on one side, Kaiya from The Dance of Swords on the other.

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Songs of Insurrection Read-Along

Come join in a read-along of Songs of Insurrection March 12 through March 28. Read at your own pace, and follow the discussion in the Facebook Event and JC’s Twitter.

Discussion topics will follow 3 chapters a day, but you can chime in whenever you want!JC will tell you the inspiration for scenes, wordlbuilding aspects, etc; post artwork that never made it to cover; and answer your questions. He is currently arranging guest appearances.

At the end, we’ll have a Zoom event where he’ll give away prizes to the most active participants.

NOTE: most of this is read at your own pace and join in discussion. The only live event is the Zoom get-together.

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What’s New

The new edition of Songs of Insurrection includes two new chapters and many places with internal narratives to reflect the prequel series, Scions of the Black Lotus.



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